- July 1-3 2022 - 
Alejandro Sanchez & Nina Ligon

Hua Hin, Thailand


Please join us for a Thailand getaway to celebrate our wedding

The official ceremony will take place the weekend of July 1-3
We'll have food, dancing,  drinks, and maybe a cheesy toast or two.

But who goes to Thailand for just a weekend?
If you'd like to spend a little more time relaxing on the beach or exploring Thailand, we will be hosting adventures and activities the week before and after.


Hua Hin, Thailand
June 24 - July 1

Come a week early and join us in a variety of beach activities and fun in the sun.

If you would rather do your own exploring  we are happy to provide some of our favorite suggestions.


Hua Hin, Thailand
July 1 - 3

Please join us for the weekend to celebrate our wedding with friends and family. The ceremony will take
place July 2.

We'll enjoy delicious food, dancing,  games, fun, and drinks.


Bangkok, Thailand
July 4 - 9

Stay a week more to explore Bangkok. We will have plenty more activities planned.

If you would rather do your own exploring, we'll gladly provide recommendations.

July 1
6:00 pm
Welcome Dinner & Drinks
The Family beach home (Baan Sukasem) lawn & beach front
Mingle and get to know the Ale and Nina’s family along with the rest of the guests before the ceremony while enjoying a taste of Thai Street foods and Nina’s family home
July 2
5:30 am
Tak Bat - Merit Making Ceremony [Optional]
The Family beach home (Baan Sukasem)
We will be presenting an offering of food to the monks as part of a merit making ritual followed by a classic Thai breakfast at the house.
3:00 pm
Appetizers and Drinks
Intercontinental Fire Pit
Gather before the ceremony and mingle with the rest of the guests over light snacks and drinks
5:00 pm
Intercontinental La Residence Lawn
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
6:00 pm
Reception Dinner
Intercontinental Beach Front
Thai Beach BBQ
9:30 pm
The Family beach home (Baan Sukasem) lawn
Post-dinner party
July 3
10:00 am
Post Wedding Brunch
The Family beach home (Baan Sukasem)
Relaxed time to catch up with people after a great night of festivities with some delicious Thai brunch foods to cure any hangovers or tired feet
Join us on some adventures
Volunteering work [Self-Organized]

Hua Hin

Help us restore Hua Hin's natural beauty. You can join Trash Heros Sundays at 4pm. More infor here https://trashhero.org/network/huahin/

Yoga Classes

Hua Hin

Nama-stay on the beach. A yoga instructor will be preset for some session. If you are interested reach out for details on timing

Massages and Spa Day

Hua Hin

Relax and pamper yourself. We have 20% off with Let's Relax. Use Code NINAALE. More details can be found here https://letsrelaxspa.com/

Cooking lessons

Hua Hin

Master the iconic Thai flavor. Sour. Salty. Spicy. Sweet. There will be on session on 6/30/22 mid morning.

Traveling to the Destination

Getting to Thailand

We can help make your trip to Thailand as smooth as possible, and help you to coordinate any necessary local travel.


Staying in Thailand

We want to share some great locations to help you make the most of your time in Thailand.

Is it a wedding site if we are not on it?