Suggested Activities

Here is a list of fun things we can sign up for in Thailand

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Exploring the wonders of Hua Hin

Enjoy the marvels of the Lamsam Family retreat destination

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Beach Walks

Hua Hin

Do we need to say anymore? These are meant to be adhoc walks that can be coordinated in person or through WhatsApp.


Hua Hin

Stop by the Volleyball net for a tournament or pick up game in front of the Sukasem house. This will be setup outside the house until 7/1/22

Water Park [Self-Organized]

Hua Hin

Visit Southeast Asia's Largest Water Park. This is will be a self organized event for those interested. You can find more details here If you have questions feel free to reach out

Sand Castle Contest

Hua Hin

Construct your masterpiece from Hua Hin's fabled drip sand during our beach day

Hiking in Hua Hin National Park [Self-Organized]

Hua Hin

Take an adventure through the jungle, caves, or aterfalls. This will be a self organized event with a ~30-40min drive. More details can be found here

Volunteering work [Self-Organized]

Hua Hin

Help us restore Hua Hin's natural beauty. You can join Trash Heros Sundays at 4pm. More infor here

Horse Riding

Hua Hin

Ride the wild horses (ok, ponies). We will be available to organize group or individual rides. Nina and the riding team will be organizing this event based on skillset and comfort

Yoga Classes

Hua Hin

Nama-stay on the beach. A yoga instructor will be preset for some session. If you are interested reach out for details on timing

Trivia Night

Hua Hin

Put your knowledge to the test. Will happen at Sailom over dinner. Come prepared with knowledge about Ale and Nina

Massages and Spa Day

Hua Hin

Relax and pamper yourself. We have 20% off with Let's Relax. Use Code NINAALE. More details can be found here

Bar Hopping


Dive bars to swanky rooftops, the city has them all. We will do a loop after the Muay Thai match in Bangkok

Cooking lessons

Hua Hin

Master the iconic Thai flavor. Sour. Salty. Spicy. Sweet. There will be on session on 6/30/22 mid morning.

Food tours / Night market [Self-Organized]

Hua Hin

Experience the delicious range of Thai flavors. Some favorites are Cicada Market and Hua Hin Night Market

Muay Thai Match


Experience the thrills of the ancient old military fighting style

Tourist tours


Explore Bangkok and take in its culture, history, and magic. We will be doing a boat tour of Bangkok on 07/04/22 and will head out to Ayutthaya on 07/05/22